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Wasmus.com goes online


After a longer planing process and little free time I finally put Wasmus.com online.

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Building the Wasmus community

If you know any further Wasmus families please let me know in order to build our world wide wasmus network

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Hello surfer - Welcome to the Wasmus-Community

I invite you to:

get to know people from all over the world, find relatives, learn about the name "Wasmus", enjoy surfing our page and ...

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Over 30 Wamus people listed on ICQ

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About ICQ and how to contact other Wasmus families through it

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The Wasmus-Directory


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"Wasmus" are living all over the world - find relatives and people or have yourself listed here

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Featuring: The Wasmus-Family in Cologne, Germany


"We have been living in a small town nearby Cologne for over 20 years by now.

Originally from Braunschweig, Hannover, we moved to Cologne for work opportunities and our two children Fabian and Maja grew up here too. Get to know more about us

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About me


Hi, my name is Fabian

I am the webmaster of wasmus.com and looking forward to your feedback

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Get the "Wasmus-books"


Wasmus in the press!

Different stories and books have been published over the last few years

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