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About the "Wasmus" community :

Wasmus.com and Wasmus.de are projects of Fabian Wasmus

The idea behind Wasmus.com


Wasmus.com is a community for Wasmus people and those that like to find out more about our families and its heritage. I would like to build a vast directory for us to get to know each other and to stay in contact. Many Wasmus people are currently living in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. But there are also several spread out all over the world. My idea is to enable all of us to have a place to share knowledge about our families and to find relatives.

Connecting people:
asmus is not that much of a common name as many others, but there is a considerable number of people by the name of Wasmus and especialy the internet offers a good chance to gather many of them. When I first got in contact with the inernet in 1995 I registered my first email adress fabianwasmus@yahoo.com. Shortly after having registerd the adress a girl from the USA contacted me via email and told me that her grandfather was also called "Wasmus" and that she was eager to find out more about her family in Europe. This for me was the kick-start to do some research about other Wasmus families. It was simply amazing how many actualy did not know of each.

A big surprise:
My name is Fabian, which is not really that much of a common name in general. Having the last name Wasmus is even more uncommon. So I thoght that I was probably the only guy by this the name. Well, I was wrong! One day a guy called Bastian from Hannover contacted me and apparently thought I was his brother Fabian. After a while of misunderstanding we discovered that his was not talking to his brother but to another stranger also called Fabian Wasmus. We finally sorted it out and we stayed in contact. The other day Fabian contacted me and we really had a great time.

There are actually so many things to discover about our history and destinations that Wasmus people are living at that I am looking forward to offer a warm welcome to everybody wanting to share some stories or information about Wasmus people all over the world. Send me your stories, pictures, family trees and publicaitons and I publish them here. If you are looking for someone special feel free to ask for some help - we will post your questions here.

In case you have any doubts or would like to contact me, feel free to send me an email to fabian@wasmus.de.

Have a great time surfing the Wasmus webpage!


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